Tuesday, June 1, 2010

like woahh??


damn today physics test was DAMNNN hard. super duper hardness la! mod maths was like WOAHHH?? x study chapter 5 fun... nasib baek before exam start, RASHINDARA and JOJO helped me (: tq guys. i owe u

i almost forgot to talked about previous exam :P

sejarah paper 2 was ok think so! last minute reading LOL.
agama paper 2 x bace langsung kottt! but survived (:
chemistry kompom FAILED! hahaha msuk skola first paper adesss!
biology IDK -,-"
add maths paper 2 also kompom FAILED la!
BM & ENGLISH moderate but not hoping high!

conclusion >>> never ever ever SKIP CLASS!!! -_____-"

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