Saturday, June 26, 2010

here we go again !

*gahhh... i'm not asleep yet LOL! lately keep waking up back at 3 in the morning! hell stupido man! kept having bad dreamss... change my templete just now! u like-likey?

KALIA i'm gonna miss u for next 5 days :( it's good tho u act volunteer to go to that camp thinggy :D cool-io. hurmmm... missing my friends, IERA and CHICHI. can't live without them :P *bile lg kite nk hang out together eyh?

today morning must be at school cuz pn. rema suruh ... pffttt! (damn lazy weyh) and i think my weekends is going to be suckish! haha! btw, mybe not that bad. gahhh* gi lepak with my boyfie i think and settle prob with acap. fyi, i think that acap is obsess with iera ouh... dye nie suke la putar belit cerita...

waiting for my SUPRAAA bebeh... thanks ABANG ARAI love year like my bear2 :D hope dapat hang out today with you but then abg keje plak. haisshhh!

my life is not interesting at all. so, don't bother la yunkss... aq tau aq x hot mcm ko! yela... klu koko je lebih x guna gak en akedemik down! x yah nk gaybang la. pape pon i will always with u bukan nk tumpang popularity ko tp just nk ushaa perangai shiall ko tuh! seriously tho, aq x batak sangat la!

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