Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the story!

can't believe it bebeh! i got a new keyboard & mouse! hahahahah! FREEDOM LAAAA DPT ONLINE BALIK! uke, like i said in my previous post ade byk la story nk ckp ken! list je la!

  • SHAFIQ a.k.a. MY BOYFIE ade awek bru! weird en... act, he bz mengade2 with tht girl SHIRO! but shiro tuh not into him pown... kesian ko en... hahahha! i know la she's gud plus better than me! but xde difference pown!
  • then CIKGU T***I mengedik dgn WAWA... bhahahahha! funny story. act, i rase tht teacher yg over flirt her. anyway gudluck la! najwa bukan senagn nk mengade-ngade ngan org laen! ken najwa ken???
  • then shafiq also got selected for MSSS (takraw) GOODLUCK SAYANGGG! *the captain part yg x boley belah ouh! hahahahahha! captain PETALING UTAMA? serious er?
  • hurmmmm, what's next? ouh yaaa! maybe i just pegang prop for CITRAWARNA kott! *how sad isn't it (T.T)

that's alll! X) ade lg tp lupe da la! sorry!

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