Sunday, May 30, 2010


just finished study sejarah.. man! andd physics too :)

i don't why we keep on fighting it's ust day we keep misunderstanding each other. ppl always advise us to be strong & so whateva but u know tht it wouldn't last for eva syaannggss. as far as u know tht by now we are already way apart... zue taw maybe tuhan nk menguji kekuatan hubungan yg kite bine almost 2 yrs nie... it's so hard :(

missing the old times i use to spend wit u :(

maybe i shouldn't cramp your mind rite now with our masalah!!!

wishing u best of luck FOR SPM :)

p/s : why u off your phone today?

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Hye brader and sisto, cakap je ape nak!
Tapi ayat kasi elok sikit ok.