Monday, May 31, 2010

three is better than one!


some of them who are reading this must be wondering why they got the same blue star shirt (:
this pic was taken at the CITRAWARNA DAY ^.^

i saw u, yess i did ♥

today was a big fight rite sayangss? hurrrmmm... waited u like a mad women at bus stop from 6.30 a.m. - 7.00 a.m. maybe it's my fault (admitting the truth) for not waking u up!

don't ever felt sorry cuz i know u felt the same way when i was late :D

then balik time also gdo -,-" haiiihh* i just said that my phone gonna be wet if we redah hujan... then suddenly u naek berang why? sorry la merungut byk sgt ken...

p/s : i hate u T *u know who u are (:

missing citrawarna so badly now (T.T)
we all still do the dikir barat dance even in exam's time -__-"

can we rewind time... why albert einstein have to die early :(

btw, NO MORE BIOLOGI with MISS ANNIE ;( *soob soob
ayoo!!! we all in 4A's gonna miss u teacher (:

Sunday, May 30, 2010


WTF? i found this on google list! hahahah XD *act, searching bout the meaning of my name!


what's on my mind? idk!!!! -,-"

BREAK UP'S? *hell no wayy man!
i always love u no matter what


just finished study sejarah.. man! andd physics too :)

i don't why we keep on fighting it's ust day we keep misunderstanding each other. ppl always advise us to be strong & so whateva but u know tht it wouldn't last for eva syaannggss. as far as u know tht by now we are already way apart... zue taw maybe tuhan nk menguji kekuatan hubungan yg kite bine almost 2 yrs nie... it's so hard :(

missing the old times i use to spend wit u :(

maybe i shouldn't cramp your mind rite now with our masalah!!!

wishing u best of luck FOR SPM :)

p/s : why u off your phone today?

Friday, May 28, 2010

exam oh exam

the citrawarna was awe some bebeh! to bad x bwk camera on that day! hahaha! btw, camera rosak la... lens patah! pelik ken? i msuk on tv weee!!! suke sgt ouh! hurmmm. exams week! seriously rase cum byk fail jeh! -,-" MAMPOS LA KO ZULAIKA! update more later. study time now!

btw, this the video of citrawarna - Colours of 1 Malaysia (MegaSales)
*whoohttss. me pakai legging orange uke!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

decide what best in life now?

it's officially late. tp x tdo lg. haisshhh! got gaem in the morning near putrajaya for HARI BELIA!

every body seems to moved on with their life now! hahaha! most likely i don't hv frens right now! *x taw why i feel like tht!

suddenly the world seems smaller than it looks! miss the old times! MISS MY AIN!

btw, aq x batak la nk msuk group cheerleading ko tuh!!!! issshhh! -,-" show off tp x bgus pown x gune! mcm sial jeh baged bagus!

tetibe drpd memeber jd musuh!!! susah la idop mcm nie! rather having a self life with no one at side!


shittt! is it for real ade CCTV at school... huiiisshhh! maju da SMK SULTAN ABDUL SAMAD!

Sunday, May 9, 2010



no one can replace u in my heart... i cherish every moment with u mom. walaupun adek slalu buadd mak marah, adek taw mak maap ken adekk ken?

PROMISE! adekk akan jage mak dgn kemampuan yg adekk ade!


babi la ko! ko ingt aq batak sgt ke HOTstuff nie! komen pic mcm tuh pown da bebublu x tentu psl! aq x TAKSUB mcm ko la derr. aq x kejar bnde2 HOT nie! ko jgn la nk buad taik do! malu kaum jeh la! stakat photoshop semua org buley buadd ouh... ko taw npe zack bnci ko? sbb mulot ko tuh celupar sgt! KO YG KEJAR HOT DOE! buadd comm bru pas tuh nk gath smpi CAMERA POWN PINJAM ORG! sial la idop ko klu nk HOT jeh memanjang! x boley bawak msuk kubur pown!

fuck dak hot!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

why school sucka?

officially missing HIM! obviously la ken... da brape ari x jumpe! adoyaiii! finally posting something bout today... not going to school! well, pegi anta cat vaksin then J-CARD DAY beby! adesss! ramai giler human dlm jusco today! adoyaiii! fening kipala i u know! hahahahah! nsib baek satu trolley jeh... x mcm family wa... smpi 3 trolley! hahahah! biaselah tuh! borong, jgn x borong! btw, rase best pulak ponteng skolah ouh!

:) :P :D

sorry -,-"


*p/s : sorry can't celebrate kt skolah cuz bz training ouh! hope u guys both had a blast one! and sorry now only i can post blog bebeh!

the story!

can't believe it bebeh! i got a new keyboard & mouse! hahahahah! FREEDOM LAAAA DPT ONLINE BALIK! uke, like i said in my previous post ade byk la story nk ckp ken! list je la!

  • SHAFIQ a.k.a. MY BOYFIE ade awek bru! weird en... act, he bz mengade2 with tht girl SHIRO! but shiro tuh not into him pown... kesian ko en... hahahha! i know la she's gud plus better than me! but xde difference pown!
  • then CIKGU T***I mengedik dgn WAWA... bhahahahha! funny story. act, i rase tht teacher yg over flirt her. anyway gudluck la! najwa bukan senagn nk mengade-ngade ngan org laen! ken najwa ken???
  • then shafiq also got selected for MSSS (takraw) GOODLUCK SAYANGGG! *the captain part yg x boley belah ouh! hahahahahha! captain PETALING UTAMA? serious er?
  • hurmmmm, what's next? ouh yaaa! maybe i just pegang prop for CITRAWARNA kott! *how sad isn't it (T.T)

that's alll! X) ade lg tp lupe da la! sorry!