Monday, April 5, 2010

credits for today

ouh.. today! what a bored day! yesss... gdo? kindda think of it x taw la wat should be done! he don't even know i came to school today! what a story la ken??? mmg shocking cikid but x pown an :)

thanks to HIDAYAH RAMLAN for being such a gud buddies tho (!) and u FATIN NABILAH HASNI x taw maen pakai ckp je la ken... kesian cikid buley x? thanks sbb mcm nie uke. no matter what u guys no are my place to mengadu since AIN moved into another school. *gahhh miss her lorh!

no exception for FADHILAH & FATEN for being beside me tho just now! heart u guys to bit man. hahah :) they both btw still penad blk dr kem ... grrr! -__-" (jelez la weyh). pagi2 jeh naim da citer how thwy all celebrate b'day shfq dkt kem... seems tht they all had fun! well thnks naim for the info bout the kem. still x contact dye anyway.

kt skolah ustzh hasni was like "zulaika, kamu ok ke?"

then i was like talking to myself "ok jeh la ustzh :)"

ustzh hasni "muke kamu pucat la. npe? sakit ke?"

then i kept quiet. act, bru bgn tdo... belakon sakid :P kang dye marah pulak if i sleep in her class. physics today was awesome man! cuz x paham satu ape pown! notes msty siap before.... TOMMOROW! LMAO lahhh... ADD MATHS even more fun. sir nk buku.. then bukak cerite i didn't came on monday! cehh! *sir ingat i follow shfq to stadium ouh!

thts all. ouh ya!!!
TQ so much KALIA for BM , MATHS , & CHEMS! loveeee ya

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