Friday, April 23, 2010

u describe FUN!

sorry bloggie i left u da lama ken... no time to update. da la keyboard rosak.... yet, so many story to be told man!!!

I GOT SELECTED TO MSSS BEBEH! *tht is one of the story...

thanks to the ppl yg support tho...

Till my keyboard is fixed! adios then...

fyi, imissuKUDRAT!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

congrats & awayzz ♥

hari anugerah cemerlang 2010

we all we're so camera-whoring! cuz i bring my "toy" today! yup! my DSLR baby! no sharing and playing with my toys pleasee! hahahaha X)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

eating in class

funny story began now! x percaye la ken

"wa da sombong skunk ," fari cakap.

najwa bermonolog "dupdap dupdap" *bunyi jantung...

HAHAH x) faten yg cakap. i just post this thing! ok... tht the cinte monyet part... btw, sorry wa! today blk with them.. the usual peeps la cuz ade kadet and all tht ken. so, ape lg speaking la... hahah XD. berterabur kott. FATEN la start dlu adoyai!.. x kering gusi kott. lps tuh da boring speaking ckp bahase baku pulak. pown boley... emmm! KERAS! huhu ^.^ tgk video bdk kadet g kem! best jugak... rugi x pegi ouh! wat to do training. talk bout training. ade lg besok! hahah :) and today, i like skip the whole class after recess man! sbb ade raptai for anugerah cemerlang thingy. then g training. sorry pn sarala (sej), aunty norma (mod maths) & mr elvin (add maths) :) x igt da nk kne post ape act, hurmmm... tc to u readers :P

our school got selected to perform for the ONE MALAYSIA on 22 / 5 / 2010... peeps pliss watch your guys punyer tv :) we all migth be in! just wait and see uke... btw the time for the show is 8 --> 11pm. fun man!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

thanks for not waiting for me! hate u, yes i do! what to do! life lah!

tomorrow? problem! where should i start? ouh yeahhh... let's list it

  1. training NETBALL - 1 --> 2.30pm
  2. dance training for CITRAWARNA - 3 --> 5pm
  3. between that time hv to selit for KADET cuz STAFF nk dtg!
argggghhh. it's juz to much. today blk trus tdo! migraine why u dtg blk? *tanak amik medicine da uke!

Monday, April 5, 2010

credits for today

ouh.. today! what a bored day! yesss... gdo? kindda think of it x taw la wat should be done! he don't even know i came to school today! what a story la ken??? mmg shocking cikid but x pown an :)

thanks to HIDAYAH RAMLAN for being such a gud buddies tho (!) and u FATIN NABILAH HASNI x taw maen pakai ckp je la ken... kesian cikid buley x? thanks sbb mcm nie uke. no matter what u guys no are my place to mengadu since AIN moved into another school. *gahhh miss her lorh!

no exception for FADHILAH & FATEN for being beside me tho just now! heart u guys to bit man. hahah :) they both btw still penad blk dr kem ... grrr! -__-" (jelez la weyh). pagi2 jeh naim da citer how thwy all celebrate b'day shfq dkt kem... seems tht they all had fun! well thnks naim for the info bout the kem. still x contact dye anyway.

kt skolah ustzh hasni was like "zulaika, kamu ok ke?"

then i was like talking to myself "ok jeh la ustzh :)"

ustzh hasni "muke kamu pucat la. npe? sakit ke?"

then i kept quiet. act, bru bgn tdo... belakon sakid :P kang dye marah pulak if i sleep in her class. physics today was awesome man! cuz x paham satu ape pown! notes msty siap before.... TOMMOROW! LMAO lahhh... ADD MATHS even more fun. sir nk buku.. then bukak cerite i didn't came on monday! cehh! *sir ingat i follow shfq to stadium ouh!

thts all. ouh ya!!!
TQ so much KALIA for BM , MATHS , & CHEMS! loveeee ya

Saturday, April 3, 2010

it's all bout him ♥

sorry if it's not what u wish for :'(

on the day of your b'day... u are act not with me la... not fair! we already plan kan nk celebrate b'day together, then apid g KEM JATI DIRI(PKBM) plak ken?? gessshhh... x ckp bubye pown nk g kem ken? excited ke? msty la. single day ken on your b'day. anyway,
on 3rd APRIL

I always love and remeber u no matter what. it's juz lately i think that we need to take a step back before making stupid decision again! semoge allah panjang ken umo apid and murah ken lg rezeki apid :)

i heart you BoA

today is juz a tired-ing day mann! mmg x baring la aq ken mggu nie! training all out gile babeng! uke... trainig mssd, monday anta i.c. tuesday ---> friday training lg... then sabtu rest *finally ^.^ ahad training balik... adoyai~~~ the following week monday game... then training some more on tuesday, wednesday game, then training some more..... MBPJ game on saturday... damn funny an? cam robot da aq rase!

miss shafiq so much. even today his b'day can't imagine living like hell without him. plus today.... consider da 6 days not technically contact :'(

i want u so badly, it's my only wish! pretty please* (T.T)

damn penad la today... training lg... smlm pown training jugak! the day before yesterday pown training jugak! haissshhh! -___-" penad sesgt tramat la... well passion doesn't kill ryte?


on 30th of March

sorry lambat wish sygss... zue jarang online and seriously bz with other thing... hope u will get what u wish for your birthday and may it bring happiness to your life. bout the boyfie thing... maybe belum time tok cici carik penganti kott, bile time dye betol. u will find some on that is good for u :)