Monday, March 22, 2010

so many to talked about today! i got back my exam paper obviously la ken! adoyai... a bit disappointed with my mark (ENGLISH , BM , AGAMA) tuh jeh paper today! the best part is... markah english is more than bm man! s**tt! terok lah ko nie zulaika! uke... then TODAY IS KUDAT HANDSOME DAY! OMG! bhahahah :D happy now kudrat? hurmm... nothing much going today... juz that minggu pss teh opening ceremony was awesome! last minute ribbon uke! thanks kak ain for helping me out! almost forgot... THAYAALAN & DANIEL GADO IN CLASS! for no reason and all of sudden only weyh! hurmmm... btw, kesian kt fatin dye kene dok sorang2 dalam kelas cuz kalia PONTENG! -,-" uke dye x ponteng technically juz x bole dtg i guess! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PN. MAHA on 16th of March 2010 *winkwink ^.^ think so! salah jgn marah!

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