Sunday, March 28, 2010

it is u!

i had fun yesterday... yes... but some of friend not! gesshhh! -,-" iera asyik gdo ngan acap then cici da break ngan yuz! then tetibe iera figth ngan syaza doe! ish3! uke homework byk giler... adoyai! malas larhhh! btw~~~


abg ipar

p/s : mne dslr adekk ouh! lmbt ag ke?

hurmmmm... today is such a boring SUNDAY! happy for my friend zaha & aliah... may u guys both be for ever uke? suke tgk org happy ouh! *don't really know why exactly :0.

ouh! almost forgot meyh! had a big fight LAST FRIDAY with HIM ---->> haissshhh nobody is perfect ayte...?? bile nk clash, then ckp syg aq sumer... ko x pikir pulak yg aq malu giler ko buat aq mcm tuh dpn mmber2 aq! tp xpe la kenn sygss? what past is past... as long u willing to wait for me i feel very un-worthless :)

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