Sunday, February 28, 2010

aq yg BODO la!

we fought again... yesterday! grrrrr! it's my fault btw, but nobody is perfect ayte? adoyai! sbb an syg ko sgt so u made me think again , again , again & even futher bout our relationship! i don't want it to be over sygsss... but u force me to death in a very immortality way! yesss! tht's why ko x prasan kottt! now we both hv same chances! please don't waste it & make me stand on my on feet... cuz i don't really knw how cuz we spend to much time together sygsss... tanak rase dok sorang2 kottt...

TO YOU i said wǒ ài nǐ nuó me duō . qǐng biè ràng wǒ qù ! zhèi shì wǒ dì nuò yán . cóng bù qiāng yāo shǐ nǐ )x

truly from me
your wifey

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